Terms and Conditions of Affiliates Program

A program that will take you away from your financial troubles and allow you to gain extra cash – the easiest way! All you have to do, is refer your friend to our products/services and you will earn commission in return.

Please read our affiliate terms and conditions carefully before you join and begin our program. These terms and conditions are stated clearly to ensure that our Affiliate Program is sustainable and profitable. It is each Affiliate”s responsibility to comply at all times.

1. You are a affiliate agent of I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd Sdn.Bhd and not an employee in any way.

2. You may not sell, assign or transfer your affiliate agency to any person or entry without the express written permission of I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd Sdn.Bhd.

3. Your affiliate commission structure will be fifteen percent of gross sales value (15 % ) of any of its Digital Media products. This will only be applicable for one off sales of products and not on the recurring monthly sales.

4. You must pay all required taxes on any income you earn as an independent affiliate agent, unless you qualify with your taxing authority for income tax exempt status.

5. You may not use any of the sales presentation materials given to you by I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd  to promote other business or similar business other than on behalf of I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd Sdn.Bhd.

6. You are free to participate in any other business venture, however you may not sell or promote to other I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd affiliate agents similar or competitive products or services or any other businesses opportunity which is similar in nature.

7. I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd in house reports or sales presentation materials are confidential and proprietary business trade secrets. You may not use the reports for any purpose other than to develop your affiliate agency businesses. Specifically you must not disclose any information contained in the reports to a third party or use the reports to compete with I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd.

9. I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd waiver of any affiliate agent’s default does not effects I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd rights with respect to any subsequent default or the rights or obligations of any other referral agent.

10. You have the right to cancel your Affiliate agency Agreement at any time for any reason. Any cancellations must be made in writing. No refunds of any kind will be given for any reason whatsoever.

11. I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to cancel the Affiliate agency Agreement at any time for cause if the Referral agent violates the term and conditions of this agreements.

12. I.A.Z Resources Corporation Sdn Bhd reserves the right to revise or amend the Policies and Procedures and the Commission structure at any time for whatever reason. 

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